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It's very hard to keep this short! I just completed Vanessa's Nutriception 3 month Total Transformation program today. I started the program in January 2016 just wanting to change myself physically (losing weight, toning my body, etc...) What ended up happening, in addition to real physical change, was that I also experienced emotional changes and growth like I've never experienced before! I started this program feeling such fear and doubt and I'm finishing it feeling empowered, strong, knowledgeable, enlightened and excited for even more changes to come in the near future! This program has truly changed my life for the better in every way. I've learned and adopted new behaviors that I will use throughout the rest of my life. Vanessa's knowledge, inspiration and encouragement are worth every bit of the investment in yourself and I highly recommended her services to anyone wanting to make healthy changes in their lives, both physically and emotionally. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself!

~ Brennan M.

"It is a pleasure for me to write this letter of support of Vanessa Sardi. I came to know Vanessa when I moved back to New Orleans, LA. To assume the role of Professor of Medicine and Chief of Cardiology at the LSU School of Medicine. Vanessa was at the time working for CardioDx. She was instrumental in giving me information regarding the Corus CAD assay. A blood test used to detect certain genes amplified in people with heart disease.

Vanessa had been in pharmaceutical sales with Glaxo-Smith Klein for 9 years before CardioDx and she focused on drugs for cardiac and metabolic risk and heart disease. I have been very pleased to watch her take her knowledge of nutrition and inflammation and channel it into a way to help patients be healthy and eliminate their disease with whole food plant based diets. Clearly the people motivated to take control of their live do the best with such a dietary intervention, but it seems Vanessa has the skill set to help people get and stay motivated to succeed.

I am thrilled she is enjoying success at such worthy endeavor. Her program and interventions have incredible potential to help a broad range of motivated patients."


~ Frank W. Smart, MD. FACC, FACP

  • Gerald S. Berenson Professor and Chief
  • Section of Cardiology Vice-Chairman for Clinical Affairs
  • Department of Medicine, LSU School of Medicine
  • Heart and Vascular Service Line Director
  • University Medical Center New Orleans
  • President, Louisiana Chapter of The American College of Cardiology

"Early in the summer of 2016, I was diagnosed with STAGE 3 KIDNEY DISEASE.  I didn't like those words, so I did some research.  I learned that Stage 5 is the END stage, where patients have NO anticipation of recovery.  Stage 4 is for patients who will soon need DIALYSIS OR ARE ALREADY ON DIALYSIS.... and I was just a step below that!  I knew of no history of kidney disease in my large family.

So what was the cause, and what could I do about it? 

Well, a major contributing factor for kidney disease is DIET.   I had to stop stressing my kidneys....stop making them work so hard.  BUT, HOW???

As the Lord would have it, my dear husband had a new client named VANESSA.  I quickly learned that she knows the right answers when it comes to diet.  Vanessa and I had several conversations where I was her student and she was a GREAT TEACHER.   She pointed out steps I could take, and I listened.  I had NO DESIRE to continue down that unexpected path on which I found myself.

So I gave up eating animal products and focus instead on plants.  They REALLY DO provide all the nutrients we need.   There's an incredible variety of options and flavors.  I have a varied diet and find it most satisfying.  I eat AS MUCH AS I WANT......NO LIMIT....... THAT'S A REAL BONUS!!!  My weight is stable.  I eat whenever I want. 

I acquired a few new Vegan cookbooks and found tons of great recipes.  Experimenting is fun!  There is a satisfying replacement for any taste I might otherwise miss!  I had NO IDEA that I would not miss the foods I have given up.

Also, I've dropped several prescriptions (all but one... and take only half of that one.)  NO more antacids either.

My test results are much better now, down to barely STAGE 2, which is a much safer place to be. 

So, I'M STICKING WITH IT!  Life only gets better!  When I have questions, I can ask Vanessa and know that she will be the best guide I could have.  Knowing what I know now, I would choose this same path even if I had no medical concerns.  It's a smart way to go and pays dividends daily. 

Vanessa can guide us all to the best options if we have any particular needs or questions.  Thanks, Vanessa, for being here to help.

One last thought:  I've also been amazed at how much my husband Walt loves vegan products.  I don't have to cook 2 meals, as he loves the food I eat just as much as I do!"

~ Sylvia M.

 Dr. Kelley Mulhern, Owner of Thrive Chiropractic & Wellness, LLC  http://thrivechirofl.com/    

Dr. Kelley Mulhern, Owner of Thrive Chiropractic & Wellness, LLC http://thrivechirofl.com/


"Vanessa and Nutriception® are leaders on the cutting-edge of a food revolution that MUST occur for the US to reverse it's chronic disease crisis. Her story is impressive...that she walked away from a six-figure pharmaceutical sales rep income when she realized more medications weren't helping people get healthier. (And in many cases they were getting worse!) She took massive steps to become a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach an to educate herself on a plant-based, whole food lifestyle. Now she's taking her passion, commitment, and vitality to the public to help people transform their lives.
Vanessa has developed a program to help people beat Type II Diabetes...she's helped people nationwide and in our local community lower their cholesterol, lose weight, reverse Kidney Disease, and more. Her skills, experience, and knowledge are incredible, but even more amazing is her warmth and genuine compassion.
Vanessa coaches her clients with empowerment, encouragement, and education as she guides them through a change process. (No judgement or criticism.) She's committed to educating her community and changing lives. After almost 15 years in the healthcare industry, I can say I've never met a Wellness & Nutrition Coach that has impressed me more. If you're searching for the person to help you reach new heights in your health, you've found her."
~ Dr. Kelley Mulhern, Owner at Thrive! Chiropractic & Wellness, LLC

 Walter Morey, Owner of Core Business Solutions   http://www.corebizsolution.com/    

Walter Morey, Owner of Core Business Solutions



Vanessa has helped people develop a correct new perception about the food they eat and overall nutrition. I know some of her clients who have been able to reverse the progress of Chronic Kidney Disease, high blood pressure and even high cholesterol. How? By just following her recommendations as to what food they put in their bodies. Her nutritional expertise and deep background and education in human physiology are unmatched in this market.
Looking to lose weight forever, have increased energy and/or get off your medications and become the healthiest version of yourself possible? I highly recommend you meet with Vanessa and let her show you how. It's simpler than you've been led to believe.
~ Walter Morey, Business Coach, Executive Business Advisor, Business Consultant - Core Business Solutions

 Chuck S, CEO

Chuck S, CEO

"Vanessa has a unique perspective on health and wellness, with a Master's degree in cardiopulmonary physiology, clinical work in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and research/sales positions in pharmaceutical and gene expression testing.  She has a passion for nutrition and helping others to live healthy, fueled by her background and consistent studies.  As I get older, my interest and awareness of health and nutrition is more keen, and I have been influenced by Vanessa to move more into a plant based nutrition diet.  As creatures of habit, behavioral change takes energy and commitment.  I find that Vanessa has plenty of that!"

Charles S., President and Owner of Pontchartrain Mechanical Co., Inc.

"I met Vanessa Sardi through some mutual friends on Facebook, and I first started noticing how positive Vanessa’s posts were on nutrition, wellbeing, medical research and her humbleness. Every night there was a post thankful for all the blessings in her life, and her friends were encouraged to share what they were thankful for.  It really made me more appreciative of the blessings in my life. Another thing about Vanessa is her willingness to help others in need; I asked Vanessa if a plant based diet would benefit me, especially my health. So Vanessa printed out a food plan, helped me go shopping the first time, rid my refrigerator and pantry of all things unhealthy (per my request), and checked on my progress regularly.  This made the whole transition so much easier!  After 3 weeks on a whole foods plant-based diet, I’m 20 pounds lighter and my cholesterol is the lowest it's been in 20 years.  If you ever need help in the health and wellness world, which we can all use, don’t hesitate to contact Vanessa Sardi.  Your body and mind will thank you!"

Mark S., Lead Cartographic Technician at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

 Constance A.

Constance A.

"Vanessa is so positive, helpful and encouraging.  She is knowledgable and passionate about helping people live a healthy lifestyle.  She's my personal life coach, cheerleader, teacher, caregiver!

I struggled with the worst case of psoriasis and restless leg syndrome for so many years. I've tried everything to get rid of both conditions including meds, none of which worked. My restless leg syndrome not only tortured me, it tortured my husband as well due to lack of sleep. 

I live in New Orleans where heat and humidity are the norm. I like wearing my hair up, however with my psoriasis being so bad, I always leave my hair down to cover it (it was predominately on my neck and scalp). Within ten days of following Vanessa's advice, my psoriasis was 85% gone. I could hardly believe it! About two months later, I realized I hadn't had restless leg syndrome in a week or so. Since I've been following Vanessa's program, no more restless leg syndrome!  

I feel young and alive again in my 60's!! I feel like Vanessa has added years to my life!"

Constance A., Former President of Cancer Crusaders, Co-founder of America's Heroes and President of Metropolitan Republican Women

 Mike Young

Mike Young

"Vanessa is an expert at helping people drastically improve their health by revealing and utilizing the truths of a plant based lifestyle. She's friendly, compassionate, understanding and knowledgable. She offers her services both in person and online so she's available worldwide. If you're considering obtaining help with your diet, let Vanessa's passion motivate and inspire you into amazing health! You'll be thankful and grateful you decided to work with Vanessa. The incredible value of what she offers is truly immeasurable."

Mike Y., Owner at aPlantBasediet.org and Mike Young Real Estate