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  Vanessa / New Orleans Saintsations

Vanessa / New Orleans Saintsations

I am a 40 year old Cardiovascular Physiologist, and Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, who was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a former cheerleader for the NFL Saints, you might say I'm a 'Who Dat' fan! I love to travel, dance, read, spend time with my dogs, play the piano, and I LOVE the beach. I've been a certified Zumba instructor for five years and an Acroyoga instructor for two years. I am a recovering anorexic and bulimic; November 2017 will mark 11 years in recovery! Needless to say, I had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food for most of my life. Now, food is my friend, it is the nourishment for my mind, body, and soul.  And when I'm sick (which I can't remember the last time I was), it's my "go-to" medicine.  

I am at my absolute happiest when I am helping others; whether that's helping them to change their lifestyle, lose unwanted weight, reverse their disease, offering hope to those still suffering in the grips of addiction, or encouraging those who are on their journey to becoming the healthiest version of themselves. I had such a blast cheering in the NFL, and now I want to be YOUR biggest cheerleader!


    To deliver ONLY unbiased, scientifically proven, evidence-based data. Everything I say and recommend comes from evidence based research.  I approach all studies under the assumption that they are wrong until proven right. Some of the things I look for are:

    • how well the study was designed
    • the clinical relevance of the primary and secondary outcomes
    • statistical analysis
    • was the study conducted over a long enough period of time to derive clinically meaningful results 
    • were the results reported in absolute terms vs relative terms; this is a tactic used by industries when their study results are not nearly as attractive as they were hoping for.  They will report results in relative terms vs absolute terms.  The only results relevant to us are the absolute terms!  
    • who funded the study, does this create bias
    • are the researchers financially driven by industry.  In other words…were they being paid by the industry whose product they set out to prove superior to others.


    I have an undying PASSION to educate the public about:

    • The many benefits of a whole foods plant-based lifestyle.
    • Farm over Pharma - it is absolutely possible for you to reduce your medications or stop taking them all-together. (Disclaimer - never discontinue any medications without first consulting with your doctor.)
    • How to prevent and reverse diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, lupus, Crohn's disease, psoriasis, and many more.
    • Preserving our planet's finite resources.
    • What the government, pharmaceutical and medical device industries, MEAT and DAIRY industries, and big food corporations DON'T want you to know.


    • What it means to adopt a whole food plant-based lifestyle, and the positive effects it has on longevity and vitality. (see Blog)
    • How a whole food plant-based lifestyle will lead to significant and sustained weight loss, increased energy, improvement in mood, better sleep, more energy, disease prevention, and disease reversal. (Watch'Forks Over Knives' on Netflix!)
    • Why this is the right lifestyle for ALL HUMANS
    • Scientifically proven, evidence-based data.
    • What's happening in our environment and to our planet due to poor food choices. (Watch 'Cowspiracy' on Netflix!)
    • What you can do to help preserve the finite resources on our beautiful planet. At the rate we are going WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!
    • How our food choices affect the animals. (See the short video below about Carnism!)


    MY STORY :

    I spent the first 5 years of my career out of graduate school working as a cardiopulmonary physiologist. You might ask, what the heck does that mean? I designed exercise rehabilitation programs for heart and lung disease patients. I worked predominately with elderly people who soon became my second family. I absolutely adored my patients, every single one of them! They were very special to me and there’s nothing I wouldn’t have done for them. I am the person I am today because of the life lessons I learned from these very wise people. They will always have a special place in my heart.  

    I was devastated when I learned the physicians who owned the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation center were being forced to close the clinic due to changes in Medicare reimbursement. They were losing money and therefore had to make the very difficult decision to shut down. My first thought was, ‘what were my patients going to do?’ ‘who was going to take care of them like I did?’ Then it dawned on me, in 2 weeks, I was going to be out of a job! 

    It was nothing short of a blessing (so I believed) when I was offered a position as a sales representative for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. During my 9 years as a rep, I sold multiple medications to almost every type of specialist in multiple disease markets…men’s health, women’s health, ENT’s, pediatrics, internal medicine, endocrinology, and cardiology to name a few. Throughout my career as a rep, I believed WHOLE-HEARTEDLY that I was doing the right thing for patients. I couldn’t have promoted products I didn’t believe in because a salesman I was NOT. What I didn’t realize at the time was, I was being brainwashed by “big pharma!" They did an EXCELLENT job convincing their reps we were “saving patient’s lives” by the work we did every day. It nauseates me to even think about it now. Let’s just say, I ONCE WAS BLIND, BUT NOW I SEE!

    When I left big pharma, I went to work for a small, private company that specializes in cardiovascular genetics, specifically gene expression. My call points were primary care physicians and cardiologists. Again, I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY believed I was doing the right thing for patients by educating physicians on better ways to diagnose heart disease that didn’t involve exposing the patient to harmful radiation. Indeed this was much more in alignment with my morals both as a professional and as a human being. Then one day, I watched a DOCUMENTARY on Netflix that would change my life forever…'FORKS OVER KNIVES.' This led me to multiple nutrition conferences all over the U.S., including our capitol, Washington DC where I got to meet and speak with the President of the American College of Cardiology. He is a wonderful man who understands the many benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet and follows one too! I got to meet Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Cleveland Clinic, T. Collin Campbell, PhD, Cornell University, Dr. Dean Ornish, who helped Clinton adopt a whole food plant-based diet after his bypass surgery, and Dr. Pam Popper, CEO of Wellness Forum. I became obsessed with researching and learning as much as I possibly could about nutrition and its role in disease reversal and disease prevention. Before I knew it, I was back in school to become certified in clinical and plant-based nutrition by The Wellness Forum and eCornell University.

    Now that I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt, a whole foods plant-based diet could reverse coronary artery disease, I began asking cardiologists what they were doing to help patients change their diets. I was flabbergasted when 99% of them told me they were doing NOTHING! I could have gotten angry, however I knew doctors received zero nutrition training in medical school. What angered me was that none of them believed in their patients’ ability to make lifestyle changes. They would tell me, “Vanessa, they aren’t going to change the way they eat so why even bother?” I EVEN HAD ONE CARDIOLOGIST TELL ME, “Seeing patients in clinic is boring, I’d much rather take people to the cath lab to do angiograms. Those are way more exciting.” In other words, people were having invasive procedures they didn’t need to have, that didn’t come without risk and discomfort to the patient, as well as a 1% mortality rate! THIS WAS UNACCEPTABLE TO ME!!  

    The driving force behind this website is to educate people because the more people know, the better decisions they are able to make regarding their health. We SHOULD NOT be nodding “yes” to every prescription pill, diagnostic test, and procedure our doctors order for us. I’m not saying doctors are bad people at all (some are better than others).  They are simply doing what they were taught to do in medical school…treat symptoms and diseases rather than the underlying cause of disease. My passion, and my goal, is to help people lose weight without diet pills, calorie counting or calorie restriction; to help people PREVENT AND REVERSE DISEASE using FOOD AS OUR MEDICINE, while living a life of compassion for ourselves, one another, our planet and all sentient beings!

    ~ Vanessa